About Cindy…

Organizing has always been a part of who I am. Raised in a large family (14 kids), organizing was my way to help me stay sane amidst chaos! When I was little, I would cut up Mom’s coupons for her and put them in a binder. I loved helping family members move into new places and have free reign of organizing their kitchens. Tetris is a favorite game of mine! It is a lot of fun to play Tetris in a home…finding just the right bins for a space!

I taught elementary school and enjoyed organizing my classroom! As a mother to 3 awesome children, I have taught them how to be organizers. Living on a budget, I tried to find creative and cheap ways to organize our home. I am very passionate about helping moms create functioning homes. Many of my experiences are on my blog for moms: www.resilientmotherhood.net. You can also check out a non-profit group to help moms: momivate.org.

Organizing makes me happy! There is such a wonderful feeling in the home when things are organized and put in their place. Let me share that joy with you! Message me to learn how to get your home and life in order.

Let’s organize something together.